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Why Lacrosse

Why Play Lacrosse

Peter Baum - Lincoln Alum and Tewaaraton Award Winner (Best player in College Lacrosse)

The sport of lacrosse combines some of the best elements of soccer, basketball, hockey and football into a high-energy, team oriented sport. The camaraderie among lacrosse players is unique in our opinion, where we see older high school and college players always stepping up to help teach the next generation of Lincoln Lacrosse players.

Lacrosse combines stick skills, running, some physicality and yes, more running - there is very little standing around during a lacrosse game where every player on the field is highly engaged and change in possession can happen quickly. This creates a high pace sport (which makes it so much fun to watch).

As a quick aside - our Youth program follows state guidelines around physical contact that is built around developing new players interest in the sport. As they move closer to high school that begins to evolve to match the pace of the game at the next level.

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Lacrosse Highlights