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The most important order of business as I work with the Lincoln Lacrosse Board Of Directors, is to project who is planning to play this Spring.  Please start by sending an email confirming your interest at  Potential numbers impact both budgets and dues as well as team structures. 

We will run two teams at the High School level.  Please understand that the Lincoln High School Varsity team is a competitive program.  There are no automatic advancements to Varsity.  While playing time is important, it is earned through practice – both attendance and performance.  

Eligibility –

  1.  You must take and pass at least 5 classes this Fall term with a GPA of at least 2.0.  Go to class, pay attention and turn in your work on time. For the record you must also enroll in 5 classes in the Spring semester, whether you need the credits for graduation or not. 
  2. You must be registered and paid through the Lincoln Lax website, that includes several items from LHS code of contact, physical form, ImPact concussion testing, and waiver.  More on all of this at the January parent/player team meeting.

Placement Philosophy

  1. Practice Against the Best. Skill acquisition and lax IQ are best developed in the highest competitive environment the player can constructively participate in.  Particular weight is given to the development opportunity of practice at a high level over game time at a lessor level.
  2. Practice Matters. Players most rapidly acquire skills and learn concepts in an up-tempo practice environment.   Effort and improvement in practice lead to playing time.  Sweat first, play later. 
  3. Roster Spots are Earned, Never Given.  Players must meet standards for fitness, technical skills, position-specific techniques, and tactical awareness. Preparation, work ethic, and attitude matter. Team culture is non-negotiable Players not meeting requirements may be cut.

*Lincoln Lacrosse will field a Varsity and JV team for the 2020  season, each playing between 15 and 18 games depending on availability.

Team Selection Protocol: Varsity

The best players at each position regardless of class year will be placed on the Varsity Roster. However, there is no automatic promotion to the Varsity team.  Seniors must earn their spot like everyone else, demonstrating leadership, character and the potential to contribute significantly to the team’s success will be rostered to the Varsity team.  Seniors not rostered to the Varsity team will be cut (seniors may not play JV). 

Games are played to win with the goal of making the final four. Playing time will be earned through practice-based hard work, and the demonstration of conceptual knowledge, lacrosse skills, and athleticism.  Not every player will play in every game. 

Team Selection Protocol: Junior Varsity

Those players demonstrating a strong work ethic, positive attitude and high potential but not rostered to the Varsity, will be rostered to the JV Team.  JV is still a competitive undertaking and embraces the growth provided from that environment.  Players work to develop their individual skills, tactical awareness, discipline and mental toughness in preparation for Varsity-level competition.  Playing time will be awarded based on performance in practice but also with an eye to opportunities for player development.

Important Spring Dates – 

Season Kick Off (required player and parent/guardian):  February 20, 2020  6PM-7:30PM Location: 2330 NW 31st Ave, Portland, OR 

Physical Benchmark Testing: February TBD

Tryouts: March 2nd/3rd

Team Formation:  no later than March 6th 

Varsity Team Clinic: TBD

Spring Break Travel-Varsity Only (Seattle) 2nd Weekend of Spring Break (Fri-Sun, March 27th-29th)

JV SALI Weekend (Sisters, OR) Weekend – May 2nd-3rd


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