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Youth Starter Kit - Lease to Buy Program - Collecting Interest

We will be starting a new program here at Lincoln Lacrosse for our Youth families to lease a kit (everything you will need except the stick - we will direct you on this) with the option to buy out the kit at end of Spring season or simply return to the Club. Please fill out the Survey if interested.

Lacrosse Equipment

Every player must have the following equipment each week:

  • Lacrosse stick                               
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • Lacrosse helmet                         
  • Lacrosse shoulder pads
  • Lacrosse arm guards                 
  • Cup
  • Mouth guard                                 
  • Lacrosse or Soccer Cleats

How to Buy Lacrosse Gear

There are three ways to purchase Lacrosse gear:

1. Buy a new starter kit and new stick online  (link below). The simplest way to get this done for about $270 - $290

2. Buy equipment at Dicks We still recommend buying the Stick below but understand if its easier to buy from Dick's 

3. Buy used gear from Sideline Swap You will need the following - links included in each step

Please keep an eye out for youth vs high school and college gear sizing.



(2) LINK: shoulder pads (HAS TO SAY "NOCSAE") - Finding these can be difficult, consider just buying STX Stallion 75 Shoulder Pads for $40 online (google search will find it) 

(3) LINK: gloves (YOUTH SIZES 9-12 INCHES)


If you use Sideline Swap - please make sure you are buying a chest pad that is NOCSAE STANDARD SHOULDER PADS. (required to play starting this season)  

Email us with any questions

Club Recommendations for Equipment


Our recommended beginner to intermediate stick is the Powell Scout (please choose the stick with a white head) 


If the Scout is sold out, please buy a white version of this Maverik stick

boys-youth-starter-set Our recommended starter kit is designed by STX and offered here  Pay close attention to sizing and lean towards too big instead of too small.


Tips for Helmet Fitting

  1. Make sure the helmet is NOCSAE approved. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment conducts rigorous tests and sets standards for safe athletic equipment, including lacrosse helmets.
  2. Always review the specific helmet manufacturer’s recommendations for proper helmet fitting either on the manufacturer’s web site or in the store.
  3. Helmets are measured in inches. Check manufacturers’ charts to show the proper size helmet for your child’s head.
  4. Padding of the helmet shall give firm and uniform pressure about the head. The skin of the forehead should move as the helmet is moved from left to right and from front to back.
  5. Be sure there is a four-point chin-strap attached to the helmet. The chin-strap should be tightened so that there is no slack.
  6. Properly fitted helmets must take into account the hairstyle of your child; if your child has a great deal of thick hair and then receives a haircut, the helmet must then be refitted.
  7. Proper helmet fit should never cause headaches.
  8. The facemask should attach cleanly to the helmet and should be replaced if it is bent.

Eyes Look Through Top Row!

US Lacrosse Equipment Fit Guide

US Lacrosse has detailed information about fitting the equipment to the player.