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Getting Started with Lincoln Youth Lacrosse

How Do I Get Started With Lacrosse ?

Hello! We want to provide a simple on-boarding process for new players into Lincoln Youth Lacrosse.

Here is the six step process

  1. Register here 
  2. 3 ways to buy Gear & Stick (what you need to buy)
    1. Online option, one stop shopping here
    2. Dick's Sporting Goods 
    3. Used gear from Sideline Swap (follow link here scroll down page)
    4. Just need the new compliant shoulder pad? here
    5. Just need a new lacrosse stick? here 
  3. Start practicing Wall Ball and learn skills  here
  4. Watch Lacrosse! TV schedule here (watch the 2021 D1 Lacrosse Championship game here)
  5. Download the SportsEngine app on your phone. Once teams are rostered all scheduling, communication will happen there.
  6. Follow us on instagram - we post some key updates here
  7. Key Dates
    1. Games will be Saturday's starting in April through Mid-May
      1. ​​​​​​​1/2 Graders will only have 2-3 games, rest will be practice
    2. 1-8th grade trip for games to Hood River on April 30th
    3. May 6 - 8th is our Sisters Tournament (3-8th grade) - Fill out Survey here
    4. We will post game info as soon as fully schedule